"Procesor" Servis - softver, Goražde

DescriptionDear and beloved friends, 06.26.2015 year, marks the whole 25 for me the most important and jubilee years of professional informatics work. In possession'm wide spectrum certification for various areas but mainly as a system administrator NetWork and the Oracle database. The first DOS presidency and all operating systems Windows or other in competition Aple or Linux and the like are not unknown. Computers through generations: one, a two triples and first Pentium ... First reporting on the Internet I realized experimetalnim sending email_a in NetWork system ZaMir 1996. What is initiated me dear friend, the American Professor William Hunt, Department of History, St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York 13617 - which was in disbelief but also with a suitcase full of valuable, legal and actual software come to my city and gave all in the name of development of IT knowledge inhabitants of Gorazde. And me and my fellow citizens in this direction information development, which was in its infancy in order to educate and get acquainted with modern technological accomplishments. And 1997, I successfully presented and trained over 200 people on tromjesječnoj training employees and all stakeholders in the then highly equipped computer center! Thank Large everyone, from the heart! From then until today, we were forced to get by in various ways in order to have the actual software. Of course due to lack of money. In other necessary programs everywhere, and exchange and illegal wherever we find it we get to function and guided the process and learn about new developments, it is us motivated as well, went on and on ... until he showed up with a wonderful idea Gift For all of us! http://hadzimesic.blogger.ba/