ITkonekt 2020 


ITkonekt is a growing regional IT community. Once a year, we gather whole of the IT scene in one place during the ITkonekt event. The ITkonekt event is made of a number of segments that happen at the same time: IT job fair, IT conference, Gaming segment, IT stories and various other workshops and secondary events.

We collaborate with over 150 IT companies, more than 12,000 IT experts, and over 150 foreign and local lecturers who spoke at our conferences as well as with numerous IT organizations and media.

After the 2018 IT Week, ITkonekt 2019 has become a Month dedicated to IT. We were marking a whole month dedicated to the fastest growing industry of Serbia and Balkan region. We wanted to display the size and significance of IT scene all across Serbia. Besides Belgrade, we have gathered IT communities in various other cities and growing IT centers of Serbia such as Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak and Kragujevac.




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